Exhibition 21.09. – 17.11.2012
at the Eco Design Showroom
A project by Nicole Lehner and Luzia Kälin


Boccalino blau und Boccalino grau///blue and gray Boccalino
blue and gray Boccalino

The Boccalino is a traditional wine drinking pot made from clay. A reduced form and a discreet range of colours has brought the Boccalino back to the contemporary dining table. The new forms are hand-made on the potter’s wheel. The Boccalino is partially glazed.

A larger selection of Boccalini will be available soon. Should you have interest, please send us a message by clicking on ‘Order’.

information Size: 11 cm Material: stoneware, engobed, glazed diameter: 10 cm
Boccalino 65.- CHF Order

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