Exhibition 21.09. – 17.11.2012
at the Eco Design Showroom
A project by Nicole Lehner and Luzia Kälin


The Ceramist

There is a long history of ceramic art in almost all developed cultures. A Swiss speciality is the Boccalino, a simple wine drinking pot made from clay, its tradition origins stemming from Ticino. During the fifties, the Boccalino became a popular souvenir, however in just twenty years it has lost its significance with the last Boccalino ceramic workshop in Ticino closing its doors in 2008.

In search of new aesthetics for the Boccalino ideas were exchanged with Marianne Brüngger, an experienced ceramist from Gordola in Ticino, resulting in a new form which respects the traditional characteristics of the Boccalino, its base, handle and spout. The new forms are hand-made using a potter’s wheel by ceramists Tamara Shontshang and Laurin Schaub. A decent floral decor by Christoph Hauri and a discreet range of colours has brought the Boccalino back to the contemporary dining table.

in collaboration with:

Tamara Shontshang, ceramist

Laurin Schaub, ceramist

Christoph Hauri, artist

Marianne Brüngger, ceramica d’arte


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