Exhibition 21.09. – 17.11.2012
at the Eco Design Showroom
A project by Nicole Lehner and Luzia Kälin


The Hand-weaver

During hand-weaving, pre-stressed warp threads are held in place while weft yarns are woven through them. Weaving is a method of fabric production and one of the oldest crafts, however the development of weaving machines during the industrial revolution put a sudden end to the handicraft. Nowadays, hand-weaving is practised mostly as a decorative art, though an apprenticeship in the trade is still possible in Switzerland. Manufactura Tessanda Val Müstair in Grisons is one of the last larger hand-weaving workshops in Switzerland.

designasyl in collaboration with Manufactura Tessanda developed light summer blankets with corresponding cushions. The weaving pattern derives from a raw-linen sample discovered in the company archives. The products are woven from a linen warp and woollen weft yarns, materials that were traditionally used in the region. The colour gradient dissolves the traditional pattern and lends an unexpected freshness to the woollen blankets.

in collaboration with:

Petra Haldimann, Manufactura Tessanda Val Müstair
Ricarda Oswald, employee


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