Exhibition 21.09. – 17.11.2012
at the Eco Design Showroom
A project by Nicole Lehner and Luzia Kälin


The Cooper

The wooden equipment used in alpine farming is the product of a special craft – the cooperage. Carved mostly from maple and fir wood, the cooper builds wooden barrels and churns for alpine dairy farming.

Today, professional coopers are a dying breed. New hygienic standards have expelled wooden containers from alpine farming, almost rendering the cooper redundant with only a minimal number of traditional products to manufacture.

For ‘Projekt Handwerk’, designasyl together with the cooper Hans Mösli from Gais in Appenzell developed new products which benefit from traditional cooper techniques by reinterpreting the skilful handicraft. The result was an innovative bathroom product line for daily use that complements contemporary home decor while retaining the rustic charm of hand-made products.

In collaboration with:

Hans Mösli, Weissküferei Mösli


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